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L’“ascolto intelligente”. Appunti per (far) ascoltare R. W. Venezia di Franz Liszt

Autore Emanuele Franceschetti
Curatela Rossana Dalmonte
Collana Quaderni dell'Istituto Liszt
N. 18
Dimensioni 15×21, pp. 132 (83–101)
Anno 2018
ISBN 9788870969559

This paper aims to facilitate young students in their relationship with “art music”, more specifically in didactic contexts where listening practices are faced without any strategies or adequate methods. “Classical” music still runs the risk of being considered hard to understand, especially by students without any musical skills: given the above, this paper tries to summarize some relevant contributions and theories of musical analysis, psychology and semiotics to suggest a conscious and participating listening of an unfamiliar piece of music. The choice fell on R. W. – Venezia (1883) by Franz Liszt, a brief piano-piece composed soon after Wagner’s death, significant both for its extra-musical references and for its modern and not-conventional use of musical language, typical of Liszt’s last compositions.

Keywords: Franz Liszt, R. W.– Venezia, music analysis, listening strategies