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Reinventing Wagner after Hitler

Author Patrick Carnegy
Editor Marco Targa e Marco Brighenti
Series Studi e Saggi
Nr. 25
Size 17×24 p. XII+268 (125-136)
Year 2019
ISBN 9788870969795

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1951. «Hier gilt’s der Kunst!» Poster displayed during the first Bayreuth Festival since the war

1875. Isolde Wagner’s watercolour depiction of her father rehearsing the Ring on the Bayreuth stage

1965. Rheingold: the piled-up gold reveals a female form.

1965. Götterdämmerung II. Archetypal totems

1973-76 Leipzig. Rudolf Heinrich’s costumes designs for Alberich as a factory boss, and for Mime and the Nibelungen as proletarian slaves Wotan and Fricka as wealthy capitalists

1973-76 Leipzig. Gunther Gibichung’s power station, Götterdämmerung II

1976 Bayreuth. Götterdämmerung Act III, immolation, On the Waterfront

1980 Bayreuth. Götterdämmerung Act III, The murder of Gunther as Shakespearean tragedy

Parsifal, 1982, by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. Wagner’s Deathmask

1982. Parsifal by Hans Jürgen Syberberg, Act II, Kundry’s Kiss: Edith Clever as Kundry, Michael Kutter as Parsifal I, Karin Krick as Parsifal II.

1982. Parsifal film, Act III, end. The return of the spear: the animus and anima reconciled and reunited.