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Singing with Children. International Perspectives

Foreword by Emeritus Professor Caroline van Niekerk

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Editor Johann van der Sandt
Series Ars Musicalis. Musica, Musicologia e Didattica
Nr. 3
Size 17×24, pp. XV+288
Year 2020
ISBN 9788870969856

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The essays in this volume, dealing with international perspectives on singing with children, provide the reader with insights into possible ways of helping children experience the beauty of music through singing. Offering a wide range of musical experiences that can foster a lifelong interest and passion for singing and communal music-making, these essays will be of significant interest to educators, scholars, students, and practitioners who believe in the power of singing.



Emeritus Professor Caroline van Niekerk


Johann van der Sandt


Patrick K. Freer

The adolescent boy’s changing voice: Implications for singing and choral music pedagogy

Michael Fuchs

Voice training during mutation

Matthias Stubenvoll

Singing weaknesses in children’s choirs: Cause and subject of music pedagogical communication

Margré van Gestel

The significance of singing and making music together during the first thousand days of life

Motje Wolf

Concepts, models and methods in vocal pedagogy with children

Helmut Schaumberger

Towards the professionalisation of children’s and youth choir directors: Excerpts from a multi-perspective study

Johann van der Sandt

The effective choral conductor

Sanna Salminen

Benefits of singing reflected in the conceptual framework of social inclusion

Sonja Greiner, on behalf of the editorial team of the Sing Me In project

Sing Me In: Collective singing in the integration process of young migrants

Johann van der Sandt

Oh boy! Do boys choirs still matter?

Riekie van Aswegen and Patrick Masuelele

Setting the tone for transformative learning through choral music in South Africa

Antonella Coppi

The Reggio Emilia approach: Perspectives on music-making and singing with young children

Giorgio Guiot

The Relational Singing Model

Helmut Schaumberger, Johann van der Sandt and Motje Wolf

The status of singing in schools: An overview of national curricula in Austria, England, Italy, and South Tyrol (Italy)

David Johnson

The decline of singing in compulsory Swedish music education: An historical survey of curricula from 1955 to the present

Paolo Facincani

The choir experience in Italian state schools from pre-school to middle school: A personal view

Friedhilde Trüün

The inspiration for singing

Marco Mantovani

Passing on the enchantment of singing to children: Reflections from the composer’s perspective

Mario Lanaro

Singing beyond music: Breathing, words, sound, and movement