Igor Stravinsky: Sounds and Gestures of Modernism Visualizza ingrandito

Igor Stravinsky: Sounds and Gestures of Modernism

Curatela Massimiliano Locanto
Collana Speculum musicae (Brepols)
N. 25
Dimensioni 21×26, pp. XVIII+494
Anno 2014
ISBN 9782503553252

Bringing together twenty-four essays by scholars of different nationalities, this volume aims to shed new light on one of the most influential composers of the twentieth century. The chapters are organized in six sections (I. Roots and Routes; II. Music, Gestures, Bodies; III. From Stage to Screen; IV. Constructing the Musical Text: Theory, Analysis, Intertextuality; V. Critical Reception; VI. Restagings, Rereadings), in which Stravinsky and his music are analyzed from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Many essays approach the subject from an historical and cultural viewpoint, contextualizing Stravinsky’s work within the debate on Modernism. Others are concerned with textual and intertextual aspects, and still others investigate gestural and bodily dimensions, as well as the cognitive aspects of Stravinsky’s music. The concept of ‘musical gesture’, formulated in recent years with increasing precision, runs through the volume as the basis for new paths of interaction between music analysis, new trends in systematic musicology, and historical and cultural approaches.