Music and the Figurative Arts in the Twentieth Century Visualizza ingrandito

Music and the Figurative Arts in the Twentieth Century

Curatela Roberto Illiano
Collana Speculum musicae (Brepols)
N. 29
Dimensioni 21×26, pp. 480
Anno 2016
ISBN 9782503570242

The relationship between music and the figurative arts during the twentieth century is encoded in the links that exist between various composers and artists (e.g. Arnold Schönberg and Wassily Kandinsky, Igor Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso, Pierre Bolulez and Paul Klee, etc.). The present volume, which brings together 23 essays by musicologists aims to explore this multifaceted world and will focus on artistic movements and political-sociological phenomena, including musical iconography, associated with totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. Some articles examine Public Art & Pop Art movements in the 1950/60, the relationships between avant-garde artists, composers and repertoires. Finally, several studies are dedicated to the concurrence of musical and artistic aesthetics, and to the personal experiences of contemporary composers like Aldo Clementi, György Ligeti, Paweł Łukaszewski’s or Karleinz Stockhausen.