Liszt Visualizza ingrandito

Liszt et les Ballades de Chopin

Autore Nicolas Dufetel
Collana Quaderni dell'Istituto Liszt
N. 17
Dimensioni 15×21 cm, pp. 208
Anno 2017
ISBN 9788870969160

This article studies the relationship between Liszt and Chopin’s four Ballades. Although he rarely played them, and apparently never in public, he taught them during his masterclasses (at least the second, third and fourth ones). Liszt’s writings and his pupil’s testimonies (Lachmund and Göllerich) give some information about his conception of Chopin’s Ballades. This study also aims at discussing the literary and patriotic nature of the Ballade, and how its structure illustrates aesthetic and musical differences between the two composers. (