Il nuovo catalogo delle opere di Luigi Gatti Visualizza ingrandito

Musiche salisburghesi nella biblioteca palatina di Firenze

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Autore Stefania Gitto
Collana Studi e Saggi
N. 2
Dimensioni 17×24 cm, pp. XVIII+259
Anno 2017
ISBN 9788870969115

The music library of Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine and his successors was collected and housed at the Florentine court of the Pitti Palace until 1862, when it was moved to the library of the then Regio Istituto di Musica, today the «Luigi Cherubini» Conservatory of Florence. The Fondo Pitti, restored and re-organized following the flood of 1966, was computer catalogued in 2009, bringing to light after 150 years of neglect over 6000 musical works of Tuscan and Austrian origin and thereby reflecting the strong link between Florence and Vienna in the second half of the eighteenth century. The present study aims to retrace the bibliographical and historical events of the Grand Ducal music collection from the original core of the «new Palatine library» of 1765 and the music for the use of the Royal Chamber and Chapel, up to the nineteenth-century founding of the Music Archives of the Florentine court. In this context, the works by Luigi Gatti and those kept on the same bookshelves of the Grand Ducal library, with which they formed a broader and more organic collection, throw new light on the presence of other Salzburg manuscripts housed at Palazzo Pitti. They also become an important element in reconstructing the events and motivations of those who wanted these works in Florence, and the complexity of relationships between musicians, copyists, performers, donors, brokers, owners, and audience. The discovery of old inventories and the study of extensive archival material has been fundamental to the historical reconstruction of the Fondo Pitti and its original cultural context.